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Shiron Hagens

I love my neighborhood and want to make it an ideal place.  I want to ensure that low income people are not displaced and that we do not lose their voices in the planning process.

Tameka Stigers.jpg

Tameka Stigers

I live in the neighborhood and grew up in the city.  I’m scared of the unknown and sense that there are ulterior motives where big money is concerned.  I also own a business in this community.

Trina Clark James.jpg

Trina Clark-James

I come from a family of service.  I’ve served with lots of other organizations and now want to spend more of my time focused on my neighborhood.  I want the community to be a strong, healthy village.


Celeste Metcalf

While I was born here, I’ve lived all over the country.  I want to change the direction of the neighborhood.

Diana Shead 2.jpg

Diana Shead

I am a product of Pruitt Iago.  I’ve lived in North County and left the St. Louis region to reside in Atlanta.  After Atlanta, I moved to the West End where I own one of the few homes on my block.  I want to see how to develop this community like Lafayatte Square and Atlanta’s AU Center.  I want to be part of the change so that residents are in on the ground floor of development.


Rasheeda Furqan

I live in the West End and see what a jewel it is.  I want to change the perceptions of the neighborhood.  I have an Airbnb business here.  I want to build up the neighborhood from the inside out. 


Annetta Bentil

I have both a residence and a business in the West End.  I want to know more about how to be an asset in the community.  I want to help keep our neighborhood safe and growing. 


Tameka Herrion

I moved back to the West End area.  I have always been involved in the community and want to deepen my positive impact. 


Marcelle Perryrhone

 I moved to the neighborhood from Pasadena Hills to help restore balance and reverse the negative impacts of black folks’ dispersal.  I have found a strong sense of community here.  I want to connect the neighborhood to the loop and the Central West End.


Leslie Byrd-Tate

I moved into this neighborhood in high school.  I was a teen mom and am committed to changing the thought processes of young people.  I don’t want to be on the outside of my community’s development activities.


George Roberts

A life resident of St. Louis, I've lived in this neighborhood 38 years and I' am a part of the change.  I support collective resident input regarding any/all community development, social services and educational activities public or private that advocates for a safe, thriving community.

Nancy 2.jpg

Nancy Mastin

I have lived in the West End for 3.5 years and bought one of its vacant homes.  I am a school counselor.  I involve young people in neighborhood betterment activities and am excited to join this team.


Nathan Plumb

I’m from rural northeast Missouri, but I’ve lived in this community for 19 years.  I want to leave my neighborhood better than I found it. 

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