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Parcel Survey Day Was a Great Success!

On June 1st, over 30 volunteers spent their Saturday walking the streets of the West End planning area. Using a parcel surveying app from Loveland Technologies, they were able to complete surveying on close to 75% of the planning area’s land parcels. This is a tremendous success, allowing the remaining parcels to be surveyed by planning team staff. Following the survey, the volunteers gathered back in the AC for some much deserved relaxation and food.

The parcel survey not only a requirement that the City of St. Louis needs to have completed for a plan to be adopted by the Planning Commission, but it will inform the planning team and the public through our public engagement process as to the actual land use for the planning area. This data will also help us learn building conditions, tree number estimates, and much more. Combined with the public data sources already available, this helps the planning team build engagement (and ultimately,  a plan) that is based on a data-driven approach.

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