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Enright Community Garden

Enright Community Garden would be the first community garden north of the Delmar Divide. This would not only bring change to the community, but it would also provide the fresh produce needed in the community.


According to the American Community Garden Association "multiple studies in recent years have clearly demonstrated the benefits of a community garden will increase urban green space, provide fresh produce, give children a constructive activity, enhance property values, build connections between diverse neighbors, and even reduce crime."


The challenges that we hope to address are the following:

  • Provide fresh produce to the community.

  • Help low-income families and families in the neighborhood educate their children about fresh healthy foods.

  • Help community members learn organic gardening practices.

  • Give seniors a safe space to build connections and enjoy growing their own crops.

  • Turn currently vacant lot into a beautiful, productive piece of land.

  • Provide a place and project for strengthening relationships in the community.


“The change we want to see in the world starts within our own communities.”

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