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Summary of the Planning Kickoff Meeting!

On June 25th, over 100 neighbors from the West End and Visitation Park attended the West End Planning kickoff meeting at the Union Avenue Christian Church. Those in attendance were introduced to the planning process by members of the planning team, and talked through how the next 12-18 months is going to look as we continue to work with members of the community to complete this planning process.

Topics of discussion from the presentation included:

  • InvestSTL and the role that they’re playing in the process (learn more about that here).

  • The roles of Cornerstone and Rise

  • The types of models that we will be using for approaching this plan.

  • The support from the city

  • How Data will be used to inform the process, as well as the public’s role in helping put data into perspective

The presentation that was given can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Before and following the presentation, there were activities designed for the public to have discussions and give feedback to the planning team.

The mapping activity on the way in the following registration lets residents show the planning team where they live, so we know if all parts of the neighborhood are well represented in attendance.

The mapping activities following the presentation gave residents a chance to tell the planning team anything that they should know about the neighborhood, as well as discuss what they felt the strengths, threats, and opportunities were in the neighborhood.

Our team is currently in the process of digitizing all of the information gathered and will be using it to inform the work going forward.

In the future, we will be scheduling additional large public input meetings, smaller group meetings, additional “popup” style workshops/engagement, and more ways to continue working with the community throughout this process.

If you know of any groups we should be meeting with, people who should be brought into the process, or other things we should know, please post them in the comments section under this post. If you have photos you would be willing to share or questions not addressed on our FAQ page, please email them to

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