West End Plan

The West End Plan is a plan that uses the voices of the people living in the West End and Visitation Park neighborhoods to create a community where everyone can live, work, and play.  The plan is intended to guide growth and development in an organized, efficient, and equitable manner.  With your support, the West End Plan may be adopted by the City of St. Louis to guide sustained community development for the next 20 years.

The elements of this plan will be informed, determined, and prioritized by individuals like you!  Over the next 16 months, you are invited to participate in a series of workshops, community conversations, focus groups, and surveys.

Remember, the choices made today will determine the future of the West End and Visitation Park neighborhoods.  These choices must be driven by equity – they must also be intentional, just, fair, and inclusive.  Working together, we can realize our vision for a thriving community that implements socially-just strategies and will offer quality housing, education, nutrition, and healthcare needed to cultivate a safe, desirable place to live, work, and play.

Community Vision

Our vision is a unified, thriving, safe, desirable community where history is embraced and all are welcome to make it home.

Community Mission

A thriving community implementing socially just strategies that offer quality housing, education, nutrition and healthcare needed to cultivate a safe, desirable place to live, learn, work and play.


Shiron Hagens

I love my neighborhood and want to make it an ideal place.  I want to ensure that low income people are not displaced and that we do not lose their voices in the planning process.

Tameka Stigers.jpg

Tameka Stigers

I live in the neighborhood and grew up in the city.  I’m scared of the unknown and sense that there are ulterior motives where big money is concerned.  I also own a business in this community.

Trina Clark-James

I come from a family of service.  I’ve served with lots of other organizations and now want to spend more of my time focused on my neighborhood.  I want the community to be a strong, healthy village.

Celeste Metcalf

While I was born here, I’ve lived all over the country.  I want to change the direction of the neighborhood.

Rasheeda Furqan

I live in the West End and see what a jewel it is.  I want to change the perceptions of the neighborhood.  I have an Airbnb business here.  I want to build up the neighborhood from the inside out. 

Marcelle Perryrhone

 I moved to the neighborhood from Pasadena Hills to help restore balance and reverse the negative impacts of black folks’ dispersal.  I have found a strong sense of community here.  I want to connect the neighborhood to the loop and the Central West End.

Leslie Byrd-Tate

I moved into this neighborhood in high school.  I was a teen mom and am committed to changing the thought processes of young people.  I don’t want to be on the outside of my community’s development activities.



June 2019 Parcel Survey Day

The parcel surveying effort will allow the planning team to move forward with community engagement and data collection.

June 2019 Planning Kickoff Meeting

On June 25th, over 100 neighbors from the West End and Visitation Park attended the West End Planning kickoff meeting at the Union Avenue Christian Church.

August 2019 Community Workshop

On August 20th, neighbors from the West End and Visitation Park attended the West End Planning public working meeting #2 at the Union Avenue Christian Church.



Over the past year, residents and other key stakeholders have engaged in numerous conversations to develop a shared vision for the future of the West End neighborhood.   These ideas have been captured and will help shape the West End Community Plan. Additionally, thanks to support from Missouri Foundation Health, Cornerstone Corporation is able to build on the momentum created by this planning process by funding resident-led Community Engagement activities.  We are now accepting applications from residents to implement projects that address community challenges.

2020 West End Mini Grant Awardees

WEN Roundup
Enright Community Garden
Afro Stem
Youth Talent Showcase
STL ARTworks
Ivory Perry Park Concert Series


During the early stages of engagement (meetings and pop-up events) we asked community members to complete a Community Aspirations Survey.  These 8 banners represent the collective voices of about 300 West End residents.



The planning area includes both the West End and Visitation Park neighborhoods of the city of St. Louis. Combined, the planning area is bound by Delmar to the south, Skinker to the west, Page to the north, and Union to the east.

With Skinker being the western edge of the city, not only does the planning area border other St. Louis neighborhoods, but the St. Louis County municipalities of Wellston and University City as well

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